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MandarinArts Studio Terms & Conditions

Thank you for entrusting your child's Mandarin education with our studio. Our teachers reserve time on their schedules, plan lessons, and are highly devoted to the long term development of each student. MandarinArts wants to provide a safe, productive, and happy learning experience for all our students. To achieve this, we require all enrolled families to comply with our studio policy. By registering your children, you are agreeing to our studio policy. Thank you in advance for helping us provide a quality learning environment. 

1. Tuition: Tuition fees are billed monthly and due on the 1st of each month. Tuition will be billed automatically each month to the card you have on file. This will secure the space in the class(es) enrolled. Most months will have 4 lessons. Some months have 5, and some have 3 (due to holidays). This does not affect the monthly fees which remains the same. We operate a total of 46-48 classes a year for each class enrolled.

2. Missed or Cancelled Classes: Tuition will not be adjusted for any missed or cancelled classes. 

3. Make-up Classes: Our classes are kept small deliberately and each student contributes to the balance of a class. Students missing classes frequently will affect class dynamics. Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance (48 hours or more is most ideal) if your child will be missing a class. We allow up to a max of 6 make-up classes a year, and make-up classes need to be taken within 60 days of missed class, and all makeup class credit for any given year expires by Dec 31 of each year..  A student must be an active paying student at any given month to be eligible for makeup classes. 

4. Withdrawal/Refund: Due to our studio's commitment to keep class sizes small, lessons cannot be discontinued in the middle of a billing cycle and we do not provide refunds mid-month. All students on our month-to-month payment plan need to submit their withdrawal request in writing a minimum of 30 days in advance.  Once a withdrawal request is received, we will put a stop to the automatic payment for the following month when your child will be "unregistered" with our studio and his/her class spot allocated to the next child on our waiting list (if any). Subsequent requests for re-enrollment will be subjected to a first-come-first-serve basis. There shall be no refunds for registration and material fees. 

5. Teachers and Substitutions: The studio reserves the right to change teachers or provide quality substitutions (in the occasion of teacher illness or vacations) without any obligation to inform parents.  The opportunity to work with a different teacher occasionally can be a great benefit for students. 

6. Nut-free Studio: Children safety is paramount to MandarinArts and we are a nut free space to accommodate children with allergies. Please be respectful and do not bring or eat any food or snacks containing nuts within our premises. 

7. Parent Responsibility: We are a learning studio and not a day care facility. All children enrolled with us (with the exception of parent and me classes) will need to be potty trained and be able to independently use the bathroom. For parents with younger kids, we have a lovely parents lounge on premise for parents to hang out while their children attend classes. We ask for parents with younger kids to be available to help their younger children with any bathroom needs if they are not fully independent, yet.  

8. Photography/Videography Release: By enrolling with us, you give MandarinArts permission to photograph, film, or make sound recordings of your children. These recordings and images will not be distributed, sold, or used in any way beyond promotional materials used to market our services. 

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