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Classes + Schedules by Location

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Let's set the foundation for your kids to become productive and compassionate global citizens. It all starts somewhere, and we want it to start with MandarinArts. We believe in an adaptive Montessori philosophy to language learning. Hence, our classrooms comprise of a mixed age group of kids, where students' ages span 3-4 years. We encourage little ones to aspire to be as "accomplished" in their language grasp and comprehension as their older friends in class. Similarly, we encourage older kids to develop leadership skills as well as the compassion to help their younger classmates soar. Much like the overarching Montessori principle, the MandarinArts language curriculum is designed to be taught in 3-year cycles,. This design is deliberate based on our belief that children learn differently and at a different pace.  One size does not fit all!  Our curriculum will cover different aspects to elicit responses from different types of kids. 


Scroll down below to check out our classes and the schedule for both our Encino and Agoura Hills locations. Then, enroll your child for one or more classes! 


> All Classes for Kids 12-30 Months  ("Parent and Me")

> All Classes for Kids 2.5-5 Years Old

> All Classes for Kids 6-14 Years Old

> Specialty Class - Hip Hop Dance Class

> Private Classes (3 years and up only)

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Agoura Hills  Class Schedule April 2024.png
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