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Come join our incredibly fulfilling world of language learning and sign up for our immersion trilingual summer camp where both the Chinese AND Spanish languages will be introduced. Our trilingual camp is for kids 2-12 with or without prior exposure to the Chinese and/or Spanish languages. We offer a morning of Chinese lessons and fun activities that transitions seamlessly into Spanish lessons after snack time. Each camp week is devoted to a theme that will be introduced and explored in both languages, and kids will be exposed to cultural activities and ideas to further enrich their little minds. MandarinArts’ 2020 Summer Camp is a 7-week, half-day program. There will be different fun and creative themes for each week.

Program Options:

  1. Junior Camp – For kids from 2.5 – 6 years 

  2. Senior Camp – For kids from 7 -12 years


Enrollment Requirements:

7 weeks of summer camp from July 6 to Aug 21 will be offered in 2020. A minimum of 2 weeks camp is required for all participants. The weeks do not need to be consecutive, but families need to select the specific weeks for enrollment upon registration.

Camp Timings:

Mon – Fri, 8:30am to 12pm (drop off is from 8:30-9am). Healthy snacks provided.


Camp Cost:

$345 per week. Discounts available as follow:

1) Sign up for all 7 weeks of camp and receive 10% discount off camp fees.

2) Early bird discount of 5% for families who register before May 1.

Read on below for our fun weekly themes, and select the weeks you want to sign up for! No matter which weeks you choose to join us for camp, your children will have a blast and making some new friends while being introduced to TWO new languages at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone!


Week 1 (July 6-10) is the week of “Animals Big and Small”:

This week, we will learn about all the wonderful creatures big and small that share our planet earth. We will have fun with animal puppetry and role playing, do various animal arts and craft, learn fun and silly “animal dance routines” in our dance studio on-site, hear many animal stories, and learn songs about animals in both Chinese and Spanish languages!


Week 2 (July 13-17) is the week of “Under the Sea”:


This week, we will dive deep into the big blue ocean and learn about all the strange but beautiful creatures who live under the sea. We’ll learn the names and habits of the fishes, crustaceans, and even mermaids (gasp!) Lots of fun arts and crafts projects and stories about the ocean creatures. A special highlight for this week is the introduction of a real fish tank with wonderful fishes and corals in class. Children will get to interact with the fishes and get up close to them all week!  It’s a blast.


Week 3 (July 20-24) is the week of “Mulan and the art of Kung Fu”:

This week, we will dwell in the world of Hua Mulan, a legendary fictional character made famous in non-Chinese countries by Disney’s 1998 movie Mulan. Its live action remake by Disney will be launched on March 27, 2020. Let’s celebrate the world of Mulan with stories, and an energizing week of Kung Fu fighting lessons. There will be a special king fu training session by none other than Hua Mulan herself!  


Week 4 (July 27-31) is the week of “Journey to the West and Sun WuKong the Monkey King”:

This week is all about one of the greatest Chinese classic literature of all times – Journey to the West. Written during the Ming dynasty (16th century) by Wu Cheng’en, this beloved Chinese tale has been told and retold through the generations, and made into countless movies and television series around the world. Campers will learn about this epic tale, and spend the week creating and performing an operatic performance worthy of this well-known Chinese classic master of a tale.


Week 5 (Aug 3-7) is the week of “Science and Space”:

This week, we will go to infinity and beyond!  It’s full S.T.E.A.M ahead, so get ready. Join us to stimulate your child’s innate curiosity and ability to think outside the box. Campers will learn some of the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) in exciting ways that enhance a camper's rationale thinking skills.  We will journey into space to study the stars and the planets (yes, in both Mandarin and Spanish). Parents beware: We may make an astronaut out of your child!


Week 6 (Aug 10-14) is the week of “Fairies and Dragons”:

This is the week of magic and myths galore. Campers let their imaginations run wild as dragons romp around MandarinArts Studio all week.  But fear not, we have our delightful fairies to cast a light and fend off these majestic mythical creatures!  Campers will have fun in costumes, engaging in a series of mythical battles. Watch your kids acquire a whole new Chinese and Spanish vocabulary after this fun week of camp.


Week 7 (Aug 17-21) is the week of the “Super Heroes”:

This week, we will make a superhero out of your kid. Each camper will spend the week designing and creating his/her own special mask and cape, learning all basic vocabulary of these super crusaders in Chinese and Spanish. Special treat – campers will be meeting a super hero or two during the week!