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So you think your kid's got swagger?  Come enroll them for our brand new, exciting hip hop and pop dance class!  We accept kids as young as 4 and as "old" as 14, and will open up a class with as few as 3 students to start, so come on now and join us! This class is taught by a highly regarded celebrity choreographer and dancer who's been in the biz for the last 25 years (and counting) and choreographed/danced for stars like Coco Lee in Asia and Chico Benymon, Chris Brown, Will Smith in the US (to name a few). Your kids will learn cool hip hop moves and pop dance choreography, and be trained to perform on stage in as little as a year. Classes will be taught in Mandarin (with the occasional English necessary to keep things moving along!). Click here to find a hip hop dance class that fits your schedule! 

1 Hour, $160/Month (weekly class)

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