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Mandarin 201 - Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Heritage Levels

2 Hours

$248/mth (4 classes/mth)

Max 8 students per class

Are you introducing your kids to Mandarin a little later? No problem! We have classes geared for total beginners at this age group. Your kids have some literacy already? No problem as well!  Kids new to our studio will receive a simple literacy test to determine their level of fluency. If they pass our simple test, they can be enrolled in the more advanced Mandarin 201 class that follows a more formal listening, speaking and writing curriculum designed to instill intermediate language fluency. More formal curriculum doesn't mean zero fun! While textbooks are introduced here, these classes will retain the signature of our Mandarin 101 classes with playacting and creative activities to ensure learning is fun.  This class is for kids age 6-14 years old. They will be appropriately grouped into age groups that span 3-4 years of age. 

Dancing Angels - Currently Paused

1 Hour

$148/mth (4 classes/mth)

Max 8 students per class

Tiny dancers blossom into full blown dancing angels in this class! Kids will learn classic ballet, contemporary jazz, chinese folk dancing, and  ballroom moves and be taught more sophisticated choreography as they fine tune their posture, footwork and dancing groove. Designed to be a progression from "Dance Dance Baby", it is also suitable for kids with some basic dance history and familiar with dance techniques and positions. Classes are taught in Mandarin, and will enhance kids' comprehension of the language, especially if they are complementing this class with a language class as well.