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It's language. It's music. It's dance. All taught in Mandarin.

Experience the magic of MandarinArts, where learning a foreign language is fun and organic. If you thought getting your child to learn Mandarin involves sitting still on a chair in a non-inspiring classroom with a strict instructor teaching away, think again! MandarinArts is a new concept studio for kids, the first of its kind currently in Los Angeles and with launch plans in other soon-to-be-announced US cities. Our studio is beautiful and elegant. It's a creative, inspirational space for your little ones to have fun while learning a new language, dance move, or musical instrument. We take care of parents too. Why wait around standing along dark hallways, or worse, in your car? Grab a seat at our hip Parents Lounge that feels like a mini Soho House. Treat yourself to some coffee or fruit infused water. Maybe even get some emails out while you wait. Give your kids the gift of a lifetime. Be kind to yourself. We call that win-win. 

Our Story

 Selena Lee was a Managing Partner at a top global advertising agency leading one of her agency's account Paramount Pictures Studio. It was behind the storied gates at 5555 Melrose Ave in Hollywood that Selena met Casey Wu, a Vice President at Paramount. Through time spent crafting many a movie campaign together, the two became good friends. When Selena learned she was pregnant with twins, one of the first people she shared the good news with was Casey who's a proud twin mom herself. 


After her twins turned two, Selena decided to take a break from her advertising career to become an entrepreneur. As she worked through her ideas, one consistently surfaced to the top. Selena was looking extensively for a Mandarin language enrichment school so her twins can begin to learn the language. Nothing existed within an hour's drive of the Hollywood Hills vicinity where she lives. In fact, nothing really existed that would fit the high requirements Selena wanted for her own children. Her search was a frustrating experience which led to the birth of MandarinArts. 


Selena’s vision is for MandarinArts to be the lifestyle studio for kids to organically learn the Chinese language while engaging in the arts-language, music, drama, and dance-all taught within a beautiful, inspirational space. Here, kids can be kids and allowed to learn language their way. MandarinArts is a dream come true for modern, savvy parents who want to provide their kids with the gift of an important second language, but refuse to compromise on precious childhood experiences. MandarinArts kids have tons of fun!


 Casey would be a perfect co-founder for the venture. A successful corporate executive, mom, and native Chinese speaker, Casey is also a board member and Vice Principal at a non-profit Chinese institution.  Moreover, being a semi professional dancer herself, Casey has actively engaged in cultural exchanges across China and the U.S. for many years.  The two partnered up and the rest is history. MandarinArts is born. It will change the way kids approach Chinese language acquisition, and hopefully make the world just a little smaller and more accessible. 

Parent & Me Class (kids 18-30 months old)

Classes For Kids 6-14 

Classes for Kids 6-12

Mandarin Sounds

Toddlers 18-30 months ...1 Hour

Want to give your little one a fabulous head start in the world of bilingualism? Enroll in our parent and me "Mandarin Sounds" class. Kids absorb sounds and intonation of different languages from the time they're born (actually, even while they're in mommy's belly!) The younger you expose them to a language, the easier it is for them to learn as they begin to speak and understand the world. The bonus here? Over time, parents typically end up picking up some Mandarin too. How cool is that?

Mother and Baby
Mother and Daughter Love
Happy Mother with her Child

Classes For Kids 3-6

First Day of Kindergarten
Young Ballerinas
Music Class

Mandarin 101

Kids 3-6 ... 2 Hours

This innovative class is taught by a team of dedicated native Chinese teachers who specialize in teaching the Mandarin language in a fun and immersive way. The MandarinArts curriculum is developed in-house, and designed to teach kids via songs, dance, even drama and playacting! It includes a range of creative activities that helps kids learn via natural daily life conversations. The point is, we do not sit kids down and teach using traditional methods, because where's the fun in that?

Dance Dance Baby

Kids 3-6 ...1 Hour

Led by talented instructors, this class will have everyone on their feet in no time. Your kids will learn basic ballet, contemporary jazz, chinese folk dancing, and ballroom moves (boys and girls), and be taught simple choreography that is age appropriate and fun. They'll pick up Mandarin organically as they will be instructed in the language repeatedly. In time, they will be able to understand and speak! Add on the Mandarin 101 class with this class, and your child will be on to learning the language at a faster pace!

Music & Creative Dance Movements

Kids 3-6 ...1 Hour

Our latest class offering is a class that combines a music class with dance class for kids, incorporating sound, movements, instruments, and a whole lot of fun!  Classes are designed for kids from -6 years old, and they're a blast! From mini drums and guitars to tambourines and maracas, kids will have the chance to experiment with different musical instruments while singing, jumping, and dancing with the teacher and their new found friends! Oh yes, they will also unconsciously be learning Mandarin as it's all taught in Mandarin.   Brilliant!

Girl at School

Mandarin 201 - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced 

Kids 6-14 ... 2 Hours

Introducing your kids to Mandarin a little later? We have classes geared for beginners. Your kids have some literacy already? No problem as well!  Kids will be assessed on fluency. If they pass our test, they can be enrolled in the Mandarin 201 intermediate or advanced heritage class that follows a formal listening, speaking and writing curriculum. More formal curriculum doesn't mean zero fun! While textbooks are introduced here, these classes will retain the signature of our Mandarin 101 classes with playacting and creative activities to ensure learning is fun. 

Buddy Piano (2 kids max)

Minimum 4 years old ...1 Hour

Ready to learn the most popular instrument of all time? Enroll in our buddy piano class where kids (up to 2)  are nurtured in a small group environment with personal digital pianos and headphones to practice on. Students will learn the basics of music and musicianship, with attention to rhythm, terminology, technique and note reading. Classical music training is the focus with occasional popular music weaved in. Materials are chosen by the teacher to provide the necessary piano instruction. Classes are taught 50/50 in Mandarin and English, reinforcing language retention. students rotate between paractical lesson and theory (30 minutes each).

Unique Program Offerings

Hip Hop Dance Class

Hip Hop and Pop dance class meshes with Chinese cultural music and moves, taught by a celebrity choreographer who has choreographed/danced alongside big names both in Asia and the US (Coco Lee, Chico Benymon, Chris Brown, Will Smith, to name just a few) over the last 25 years. Need we say more? Sign up your kids for this brand new class today! Minimum age to join is 4.

Our Unique Trilingual Program 

Brand new trilingual immersion program (Mandarin and Spanish, with a sprinkling of English). Combining themed learning, crafts, and enrichment activities like dance and music, Playground is the cool program with all the extras you've been looking for. Space is limited. Enroll today. 

Private Classes

Private classes can be taken as standalone classes, or as an add-on to group classes for a more personalized and accelerated learning experience.  We allow a max of 2 students per class for families who want their kids to learn together. 

Chess Playing

Private Language Class
(45 mins, 1 hr or 1 hr 15 mins)

One-on-one Mandarin language class (choose from a 45 min or 1 hr 15 min session) with personalized focus on the child. Most children learn languages faster in a group environment where everyone is speaking the language, so we recommend joining the group language classes in the beginning to acquire a basic foundation for the language. Private classes can be added later, if desired, to accelerate learning. 

Boy Playing Synthesizer

Private Piano Class

(30 mins)

One-on-one piano education. All elements of the group piano class philosophy of teaching applies, with personalized focus on the child. Students can request for specific music or songs be taught. Private piano classes are beneficial for kids who thrive in personal instruction and ready to be more serious in their music education. 

Say Hello!

Our class sizes are small and spots are limited, so get in touch now to enroll your kids for one of our innovative classes. Pick a language, dance, or music class. Maybe all three. They'll have a blast learning in our inspirational environment.

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MandarinArts Studio Hours:

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Mon - Fri: 8:30a - 6:p (lunch break 12:30-2p)

Sat and Sun: 9a - 2p


Email or call us if you have any questions.


Studio Phoneline: 818-922-2210 (Leave a VM if no answer as we may be busy in the classroom). Please also email us for fastest response!

Encino Location: 16101 Ventura Blvd, Ste 115, Encino, CA 91436

Agoura Hills Location: 30313 Canwood Street, Ste 32, Agoura Hills, CA 91301


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